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A Beautiful Post

As you can see, the Theme I’ve chosen is Fjords04. It was the most take-your-breath-away theme I saw, after looking at all of them and trying several out.

However, the posting space is kind of narrow, so I’m wondering how it will work out with long posts. Perhaps this theme is for people who’d like to post only a few sentences at a time. I’m not sure.

I do like that I can log in and post whenever I feel like. Fun!

I am also trying to see what paragraphs look like with this post.


  Linsey Lanier wrote @

So what do you have to do to get in the “top posts” category?

  Linsey Lanier wrote @

Do you have to have so many comments? or so many page views? This is my second comment (not sure if I have to approve it or not)… I’ll try a few more page views.

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